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How Does A Snowbird Transport Their Car?

Snowbirds are increasingly common. Snowbirds are people from the Northern United States who “head south” to warmer climates during the winter. Those who can live in the warmer southern climates during the winter months don’t have to leave their car behind.

Like the birds from which they take their name, these people avoid snow, sleet, and freezing rain by going to states such as Florida, Arizona, Texas, and California. Many snowbirds are left with the same question: do I fly or drive to my new destination? Flying provides the most convenience and quickest travel time, but you’ll struggle to get around at your new destination or be forced to rent a car. Driving takes too long, is stressful and exposes your car to the elements and unnecessary mileage.

Car transporting gives you the best parts of flying and none of the negatives of driving. Best of all: your favorite car will be waiting when you arrive at your winter home.

Vehicle transporting services are ideal for snowbirds. When you transport your car from Baltimore to Florida or transport your car from Buffalo to Arizona for example, there are two primary options available: open car transport and enclosed car transport.

Open car transport: With this style of automotive transport, your car is loaded on an open-air trailer. This method is ideal for those on a budget or those transporting the family car.

Enclosed car transport: This more confined method of car transporting is perfect for those who need to transport a vintage car or an exotic car. Here, your vehicle is moved in a completely enclosed truck trailer and avoids exposure to the elements or even vandalism.


What are The Benefits Of Vehicle Transporting?


Transporting a car from your Northern home to your Southern home provides benefits that are priceless. Most of all, you save time and effort. Transporting your car south eliminates the hassle of a drive that often takes several days including stops much less it’s safer.

When you choose vehicle transporting, you can enjoy an easy flight to your Southern home while knowing your car will be heading to your destination with no effort on your part. This also saves you the headache of renting a car and having to return that car at the end of your trip.

If you’re curious about making your voyage south even better, the first and most important step is to request a free vehicle transporting quote. For snowbirds, vehicle transporting is the answer!


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