Payroll Services

payroll-imageOur web-based system simplifies the payroll process, making it easy to get the details of payroll entered and processed.  Whether you have 5 or 50 employees, Proactive Payroll Services has the flexibility to fit your needs.  You’ll love processing payroll with Proactive Payroll as much as your employees expect an accurate and timely pay check!

Processing with Proactive provides you with the easiest and best supported service in the industry.  Flexibility and accessibility describe our web-based payroll entry solution. Our system allows you to get your employees paid quickly without incident with their own portal to review their earning record, pay stubbs and W-2s.

Real Application Integration – Employees, managers/supervisors and human resource all play roles in what ultimately impacts payroll.  Proactive integrates all functions to ensure the most efficient payroll process.

  • Time and Attendance Integration
  • Benefits Administration integration including voluntary payroll deductions
  • Employee and Manager Self-Service Portals
  • Multi department reporting for true labor cost analysis
  • Instant Preview Processing – Proactive gives you instant real time access to calculated payroll data PRIOR to submission for processing.  This gives you the peace of mind that no surprises or issues will surface when employees are electronically paid and when tax liabilities will be withdrawn!
  • Instant liability reporting for funding requirements
  • Gross to net views of payroll data for pre-submit analysis
  • Tax Filing and Credit Processing – Proactive makes tax administration easy with our full tax administration service.  We debit, pay and report all appropriate data on your behalf ensuring compliance and allowing you peace of mind.  Proactive uses systems that are registered IRS e-filer and a certified SSA W2 printer.
  • Electronic Remittance and Reporting
  • Quarterly Online tax statements
  • W2 Preview
  • Year-end W2 processing
  • New Hire Tax Credit Reporting

Flexible Pay Options

Proactive gives you choices when it comes to paying your employees.  Whether you have staff located remotely, seasonal workers, part-time or salaried associates, Proactive provides pay options that meet their needs and make administration easy for you.

  • Unlimited Direct Deposit accounts per employee
  • Live check
  • Pay Voucher views through Self Service