Proactive Pic2We recognized the Internet has affected the barriers of entry into the payroll industry. The large national payroll bureaus have lost their informational advantage that existed prior to the Web and the ease of information exchange. You can now process payroll 24/7 anywhere at any time. The larger payroll service bureaus have priced themselves out of the market place in their desire to drive their stock price and dividends for their investors. Their pricing no longer reflects the current price acceptance in the marketplace.

Additionally, we recognize that one of the major challenges facing the accounting community today is the ability to find and drive new sources of revenue that also provide value for their clients. With Proactive Affinity Partner opportunities, you now have the platform to not only offer a value added service to your clients but also help increase your own firms’ revenue flow and to market other services to your business clients.

What Proactive Payroll Partnerships offers you.

  • Personalized Service.
  • You’ll get direct access to experts that have answers. And you’ll get the need-to-know information that helps make your job easier.
  • What Proactive Payroll can now offer your clients.
  • A company with a high retention rate, easy-to-use products, immediate access to reports and one-to-one personal service.

Proactive Payroll presents a variety of programs, from referral relationships to business process outsourcing to a wide range of industries, including banking, benefits and insurance, accounting, financial advising, H.R. consulting, and many more.